System Administration

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Making a bootable usb image in Mac OS X

  1. Plug in flash drive
  2. diskutil list
  3. diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk1
  4. dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/disk1
  5. diskutil mountDisk /dev/disk1
  6. inspect contents
  7. drag usb drive to trash
  8. usb is now bootable


So, based on some teaching i was privileged to receive this weekend, i've come to the conclusion that my exegesis of Psalm 137 was incorrect. I now believe that the psalmist is writing from a place of rage and frustration and heartbreaking loss, and his desires and "happy is he" statements are better placed in the context of "inspired error" that we find in many of the statements from Ecclesiastes.


So xacto called me out... and as we all know, i have zero willpower when it comes to being called out...

"What three skills or hobbies would you learn if you had unlimited time, money, and tools?"

1. Social dancing. Every time i see people dancing at a wedding, i think that they look like they're having so much FUN. Not that impressed with all that dance crew stuff (though i have very good friends who assure me it's heaps of fun), but swing, waltz, ballroom, tango... looks like a blast!

2. Astronomy. Nothing impresses chicks like being able to name stars and constellations at retreat.

3. Play bass. Guitar's too obvious. I've never met an uncool bass player. NEVER.

I think the last is sort of a cheat, since i don't think i could learn even with unlimited time, money, and tools... what i would need is unlimited skillz. So i'll throw in a bonus:
3a. Disarming bombs. Lockpicking is such 19th-century spycraft; i fear the only real spy skill left to us is defusing lethal explosives and chemicals.

I tag Binkley, xiepeiling, and SleeperBase. Plus one, who knows who he or she is.


Funny thing about GCal:
If you have an appointment moved by the appointer, the appointees lose their reminders attached to that appointment. This indicates that events in GCal are not id-driven, but rather instances associated with some sort of array or linked list.



"And Paul Graham gives them another 6000 boxes of instant noodles to eat, so they stay in business another three years perfecting things."
- Joel on Software

If you get why this is funny, i may have a job for you. Or vice versa.